A party needs many helping hands. For the Youth Days approximately 250 honorary helpers are in action, which support the events and the realization of the Youth Days substantially. They can be recognized by their T-shirts.

A helper concept is currently being developed and will be available here from autumn 2019.

The following task fields were defined:

  •    Arrival & Ticket Issue
  •    Catering
  •    Helpers in the village
  •    shared accommodation
  •    campsite
  •    supporting program


If you want to support us as a helper, then write us directly a mail:


Culture of helping

The culture of helping lives through diversity, because the helpers come from a wide variety of contexts throughout Germany, including above all youth associations and organisations. The young people and young adults often come from the Bündische Jugend or the scouts'. Many helpers also come to help directly through their parishes. Whether alone, in a group, young or old - helping at the Youth Days connects.


What tasks do helpers take on?

During the days of the event, volunteers carry out a wide variety of tasks in the security service, ticket issuing, information, community accommodation, admission control, the accompanying program, waste disposal, translating, guiding visitors and many more.

With enthusiasm and commitment, the helpers are on duty for up to 8 hours during the Youth Days - some even almost around the clock.